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What is NTNUI Ridning?
NTNUI Riding is a part of NTNUI, Norway’s biggest sports club. NTNUI is formally affiliated with the Norwegian School for Science and Engineering NTNU. You can find more information at om oss (Norwegian only).

Where can i find an overview of your activities?
The plan for the semester is available here.

How does NTNUI Riding work?
NTNUI Riding is an organization run by students for students, and our board arranges events and courses at third party stables. NTNUI Riding members then can participate in those events. These activities include Riding courses and other Activities (such as training weekends, theory courses and tours on Icelandic horses). If you are an NTNUI member, you can participate in all of our events, provided that it is the right level for you. Some of the events are also open for non-members, but it might be possible you have to pay a higher price.

Do I need my own horse?
No, you don’t need to own a horse, you can borrow a horse for every activity we offer.

How do I become a member?
To become a member of NTNUI, you can go to the offices of SIT at Gløshaugen or Dragvoll (where the gyms are) and buy a SIT membership which includes the NTNUI membership. If you only want the NTNUI membership, you can buy it directly from the main board (it’s best to contact them via ntnui.no), however we advise you to buy it via SIT. There is no extra membership fee for the riding group, you only have to pay for the different activities you want to participate in (plus the NTNUI membership).

We as a group get economical support from our main organization NTNUI, so most of our activities and events are cheaper for members.

Where are your trainings/activities?
NTNUI has an office at the SIT gym at Gløshaugen, however there aren’t any horses there ;). Therefore we offer courses and events at different stables in the Trondheim area (and some a little further away). If you are wondering where the different activities take place, you can check out the sites for them individually.
But as mentioned, we don’t really have our own offices, opening hours or telephone number, but you can always reach us via mail.

Activities and Riding Courses

How do I sign up for activities arranged by NTNUI Riding?
We use the Google Docs application form for our activities. These application forms will be made available for everyone when the registration is opened (usually a couple of weeks before each activity), and we then publish the registration application on our facebook page. In 2018 we will also start to publish it on our homepage! The registration form for fall 2018 can be found on our Facebook page, and the deadline for signup is the 25th of August. But keep in mind: Registration does not happen via mail, Facebook or the Contact us button, only via the application forms that are published for the individual activities!

How can I be sure what the right level is for me?
When you apply for one of our activities, we won’t usually ask you to fill in your level of riding experience. Instead, we will ask you to write a somewhat thorough description of your previous riding experience, so that we can put you in the right course! This way we try to get even courses, where all the riders have similar level of experience. So remember to be precise and thorough when you fill out the application form!

I’ve never ridden a horse before, can I participate the activities NTNUI Riding offers?
Yes! We wish to include every rider and rider-to be. We divide up the courses and activities to fit the level of experience of the riders, so that everyone can join! (Only the training weekend in Sweden is for experienced riders only, otherwise all the activities are open for beginners as well).

Are there many participants that never tried riding before?
Yes, many of our riders have little or no experience with horses, but wish to participate in our low threshold offers and hang out with awesome people! Our best activity for new riders are the Riding courses at Stall Øysand.

Why is it called an application for and not a registration form – do I have to qualify in order to participate?
This is because we want to set up the courses and activities according to the number and composition of riders that register. This doesn’t always work and therefore there is always a risk that we don’t have a space that fits you and your experience. However, first come, first serve, and we try to always fit everyone in as good as possible. We also set up waiting lists, and it is possible to buy single riding lessons (only from your level of experience or lower – NOT HIGHER) from people that got a space but are unavailable on a course day. So you don’t need to qualify, it is not a competition, but for us to make the activities and courses as good as possible for everyone, with as many people as possible getting a spot!

What kind of equipment do I need?
Helmet: is required when you’re riding, so it is an advantage if you own your own. It is really important that you have a high quality helmet that fits well, and that never has been damaged. At all of our activities it is possible to borrow a helmet, but it is better if you have your own.
Riding boots: also really important since wrong shoes can cause your feet to get caught up in the stirrups, something that can be fatal when you fall. The best thing is therefore if you have shoes that are made for riding, but you can also use normal shoes that have a good heel, aren’t too wide (so that they don’t get stuck in the stirrups) and don’t have too many details that can get stuck or caught up in the stirrups. Most normal shoe stores also sell shoes that look kind of like riding boots, which could be something to look at if you don’t know if riding is really your thing or if you don’t want to spend too much money (most horse-shops also have pretty cheap shoes though).
Safety vest: not required, but is always useful since it protects important parts of your body in case of a fall. Some of our activities (for example our riding courses and training weekends) also offer vests that you can borrow.

Also useful: pants that don’t chafe or pinch, but instead are soft and elastic are also very useful when riding. Riding pants even have leather parts that help prevent possible bruises or scrapes that you might get from the saddle, and they give you better support which in return helps your riding. Riding gloves can also be very nice since they give you better grip and prevent you from getting burns on your hands. It’s not very smart to use normal gloves, since the reins are held between the ringfinger and the pinky, a sensitive are that is not protected by normal gloves, and you even have less grip than with your bare hands.

If you want to buy equipment, you can do so in a horse equipment store, Horze, in Nidarvoll (Klæbuveien 196B). Here you get 10% off everything when you show your NTNUI membership at the register!!

Do I have to participate in everything?
Nei, you register for each single activity itself and there is no requirement that you participate in certain activities. So just join the things you like!
(we also have a social evening called «Hestepils» about once a month where you can just come without registering first, and it’s completely free of charge!)

Do you have drop-ins?
No, you have to register/apply for the individual activities in order to participate (except the social events). You can however buy single riding lessons from people that are sick or unavailable that day. If you want to buy a riding lesson, you have to remember to fill out a safety form (which you will get from the person that sells the lesson), you have to be a member of NTNUI and you have to have enough experience for the lesson (so if you’re an experienced rider, you can join the experienced or beginners classes, but not the advanced classes and so forth).

What do you guys offer to advanced riders?
We have an extra page about levels of experience (Erfaring og nivå, Norwegian only) and what activities are recommended for the different levels. Also have a look on the sites of the different activities themselves =)

How much does it cost?
The prices vary from activity to activity. Only the NTNUI membership has a yearly fee, otherwise you don’t have to pay to be a member of NTNUI Riding. You can find the prices for the individual activities on their sites here: Riding coursesActivities.

Did we answer all of your questions? If not, feel free to contact us!

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