Riding courses

Registration for spring semester is now open – click here.

NB! It is important that you read all the information on the first page

Riding course

Every semester, NTNUI Ridning arranges riding courses at Stall Øysand. There are ten lessons in every course, one per week. Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes. The lessons mostly feature basic dressage, with some other elements such as jumping and gymkhana. Stall Øysand provides instructors, horses and facilities. The riding courses are available for everyone, on all levels, and the riders are divided into groups based on experience. Beginners ride with beginners, intermediate riders ride with other intermediate riders etc. So if you are completely new to horseback riding, a little rusty or experienced, there will be a course for you!

The price for this course is around 1800 NOK.

Show jumping and dressage courses

We also have a show jumping and dressage course for experienced riders. It features show jumping every other lesson. This course is for experienced riders who have also done a fair bit of jumping earlier.

The price for this course is around 2100 NOK.

Registration for the fall of 2018 can now be found on our Facebook page and the deadline is the 25th of August 2018.

Please note that the prices may vary from semester to semester.

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